Marketing Materials
That Deliver Results

Marketing materials have grown to encompass more than just postcards and brochures. To compete in today’s marketplace, you must arm your sales force with documents that sell. Digital media like PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents, PDFs, Sell Sheets, and Newsletters all make up integral parts of your business identity, and their design should represent a unified, cohesive visual message that reflects the care and dedication you put into your work.

Documents Designed to Sell

PDF Sell Sheets

Digital Documents

Don’t lose business to lackluster sales presentation and poorly formatted sales materials. Sad! Discover how professionally-designed, strategically-minded, and uniformly-branded digital documents can give your sales team a much-needed edge in today’s competitive marketplace. See how we can set your business apart with a suite of sleek and informative digital sales documents.

Digital Documents

  • Word Templates
  • PDF Sell Sheets
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters

Air France Marketing Presentation

Air FranceAnimated presentation spotlighting the airline’s history.

Presentations that Deliver Profits

Let’s face it… everyone hates PowerPoint, but knows how important it can be when telling your story and making your sales pitch. A poorly-designed and edited presentation can make or break your meeting. We develop sleek and sophisticated sales presentations that will highlight your strengths and services with custom illustrations, icons, and photos that get to the heart of your brand. Whether you need a single, stand-alone presentation, or a template you can modify going forward, we can provide the solution that’s right for you.

Down to Earth Postcards

Print Materials

Smart, informative, and eye-catching print materials are the secret weapon your sales team needs to help close the deal. Whether it’s a rack card in the showroom, a sell sheet in the office, or a brochure at the trade show, a well-designed piece of collateral will continue to sell your product and services long after it’s left your hand.

Print & Collateral

  • Brochures
  • Rack Cards
  • Flyers & Sell Sheets
  • Postcards
  • SWAG

Some of Our Work

Outbound Marketing

Email and outbound marketing are effective ways to keep in touch with your audience, cultivate your leads, and help generate new business, but only if you do it right. If your emails fail to generate interest, inform or incentivize, they’ll surely wind up unopened in the spam folder.

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Stunning Trade Show Displays

CompassPOINT Trade Show Display

We’ve all had that dream… you show up to class, in your underwear, on the day of your last final, and you haven’t studied a lick. Don’t let your next trade show make that bad dream a reality. We’ve built trade show displays in all sizes and shapes, and paired them with the right collateral material and giveaways to ensure that our clients pass the trade show test with flying colors.

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Infographic for Bellefield Systems

Graphic Design

Eye-Catching Infographics


In the era of “going viral” infographics have become an incredible tool to help bolster your business and promote yourself online. Smart research and data-driven details, paired with a rich visual narrative provide a means to clearly articulate your selling points and showcase your knowledge and insight into the industry. From long scrolling online infographics, to posters, PDFs, and PPTs, there’s a format fitted to meet your needs and turn your prospects into clients.

Some of Our Infographics
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