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We’ve built our business in the legal industry, servicing attorneys, law firms, and legal technology and support services. From sole practitioners to global corporate law practices, start-ups to stalwarts, we understand the legal industry and the unique audiences and challenges for both law firms and legal service companies, and we know how to build the right solution for your business.

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Website Design for Law Firms

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You need a logo and a website. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, spend hours agonizing over every design design, or worry about the technical details. You need a design partner who you can trust to get it right the first time. We get it. With our streamlined process and proven results, you can rest assured that your brand and website will be built to the latest standards, will be easy to update and maintain, and give you every tool and feature you need to succeed.

Graphic Design

Clean and Simple
Brand Design

Some firms love tradition. Some want to break new ground. Some work with individuals. Some with global corporations. Regardless of what type of firm you are, we can develop and identity that speaks to your audience and values.

Website Solutions
for Firms of All Sizes

From family law to financial services, insurance claims to international trade disputes, we help firms of all sizes, in all industries develop comprehensive, dynamic, and responsive websites that address their needs and suit their specific budget.

Marketing Toolkit

  • Lead Capture Tools
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Single-Click Sharing
  • Brochures, Flyers, and Postcards
  • Presentation Templates

Solutions for Startups and Small Firms

Your size shouldn’t prevent you from building your brand and growing your business. That is why we’ve developed our Start-Up Package for small and fledgling firms, which includes a professionally design logo, custom-built website, letterhead, stationery, and more. See the costs and everything that we include by clicking the link below.

Comprehensive Creative Solutions for Corporate Law Firms

Bigger firms require bigger solutions. We’ve developed digital marketing platforms, document repositories, password-protected client area, linked attorney bios and practice area pages, and contract attorney databases with custom search, notes and ratings system, as well as a full-range on sell sheets, presentations, and marketing collateral.

Set Your Firm Apart

Don’t settle for cheap, templated or DIY logo and website solutions. Discover the difference a professionally designed brand and custom-built online marketing platform can make to your bottom line.

Set Your Business Apart
Brand and Website Design
for Legal Services

Legal Services are our bread and butter, and we’ve helped companies design and launch new brand identities, develop comprehensive websites, redesign legal apps, and produce trade show displays, brochures, sell sheets, and other marketing materials.

We’ve helped numerous legal service companies elevate their profile and better position their business with our sleek and sophisticated logo and corporate brand identity packages.

Whether you need a marketing website, a support/ticketing forum, email marketing with hosted landing pages, app design, and much more, we can help showcase your prodserv line.

Marketing Materials
Make sure your sales team is armed with the tools they need to close the deal. Professionally design presentations, documents, templates, and infographics can give you the edge in a crowded market.

Case Studies


Bellefield Systems

Website Design and Development

Bellefield wanted their website to stand apart from the competition in the legal marketplace. Therefore developed a vibrant color scheme, a selection of photos, and dozens of unique icons to highlight the important content and showcase how the iTimeKeep app works. The finished website was built using a combination of WordPress and HubSpot for the blogging component. The website also feature a robust user guide, and a private support website for paying customers, all built using variants of the same core WordPress theme.


Wilbanks & Gouinlock

Website Design and Development

W&G wanted to create a website that showcased their tremendous experience with whistleblower lawsuits, while also breaking out of the mold of stuffy, awful law firm websites. We chose to use a bold color scheme that avoided the gold and red often used in the legal profession. The WordPress setup also allows them to post news of recent decisions and press their cases have received.


CompassPOINT Legal

Website Design and Development

CompassPOINT Legal offers a wide array of legal technology services, from IT services to legal billing to software training and support resources, and needed to give each service area equal voice on their website. The site was built using WordPress to assist in the management the content and allow for the scheduling of conference appearances and the ability to manage their webinar attendees and process ticket payments. An HTML email template was also created for a MailChimp campaign that accompanied their webinar schedule.


The Garver Group

Website Design and Development

For the Garver Group, I developed a powerful color palette and a painterly texture, within a modular design structure. Paired with black & white photographs from a photo shoot, we were able to create a sophisticated and stylish website that renders beautifully across all devices. Built using the Twitter Bootstrap within a fully-custom WordPress theme.


SiteLogic Litigation Support

Website Design and Development

SiteLogic needed a website that would not only provide information to prospective clients, but serve as a resource for acquiring and managing their network of freelance specialists. Built using Expression Engine, the site feature pages for each of the services areas SiteLogic supported, from court reporting, to contract attorneys, to translation and document management services, to e-discovery and secure document hosting solutions, as well as a robust blogging platform with a front-end user admin. But the crowning achievement of this site was the network of legal professionals. This system allowed for interested parties to respond to job listings, create a profile, upload a résumé, and manage their skillset, while giving the SiteLogic team the ability to rate each member, add notes, and easily search and locate the perfect candidate for their specific needs. The design featured unique 3-D renderings and photos that spoke to their different service areas, paired with a bold condensed typeface, creating a unique and memorable aesthetic for their brand across all media.


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We know what it takes to compete in the legal industry. See what a well-designed brand identity, website, and online marketing program can do for your business today.